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Efrat Investments, owned by Mr. Ran Efrat, has successfully operated since its founding in 1999 and to this day. Mr. Ran Efrat owns numerous real estate properties and is well-known for his professional ties with the Israeli banking system. The Code of Excellence, underlying the basis to all the company’s activities, has its roots in his 9 years of service in the IDF and other security and defense organizations. Continuously striving for excellence and building creative solutions in the real-estate field, is a code instilled in all company employees which sets the proper foundation for the company’s vast activities and in turn - the trust and faith it receives from its clients.

Efrat Investments develops and leads dozens of projects across Tel Aviv, working hand in hand with municipality departments, including the preservation department. The company's area of activity includes the neighborhoods that are the heart of Tel-Aviv and Neve Tzedek, Rothschild area, Bavli, Montefiore, Nehalat Benyamin, Florentine, Kerem HaTeymanim [the Yemenite Vineyard] the coastline, the flea market area and many more.

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